OPPO Enco M32 was launched in India. Overview and Pricing.

The Oppo Enco M32 was launched in India. It seems the Upgraded version of Oppo M31 is Taking about specifications, Oppo M32 comes with 10mm Drivers, 28 Hours Battery, IP55 Rating, Noise Cancellation for call & Fast charging. So let’s see how they perform in practical life Let’s start with Unboxing Overall in the Box – Neckband, Type C Cable & two Pair Extra Eartips Built Quality is decent (As per price). Right side – 3 Buttons and Charging port (Type C) Left Side – Oppo Logo (No Buttons).

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It comes with Magnetic Earbuds. Auto Switch on (When you separate them) Auto Off, when you attach magnetic buds. (Most Useful) Initial Impression – Built quality is up to the mark. Let’s pair them the first time with the phone – Press & Hold Mid Button to switch it on After the first time, you can use magnetic earbuds to On & Off. Search on phone Bluetooth and Connect with “Oppo Enco M32” It supports SBC & AAC Audio Codec. I am going to use AAC (For Better Music Experience).

Talking about the Design and Comfort, I think they are easy to use with proper design Ear tips come with Ear Hook Design for better grip I did not feel any issue in comfort. We can comfortably wear them for long Hours

Let’s talk about controls

Mid button – Music Play / Pause & answer/end call Volumes key – Hold single volume key to next and previous track

Press Mid key three times – To activate voice assistant

Dual pairing and Quick Switch is also there, let me show you the process

First Switch off the Bluetooth of the Connected phone, then search on another phone

Connect Oppo Enco M32 in other devices’ Switch on previous phone Bluetooth again (Oppo M32 connect itself to 1st phone) To Switch from 1st device to 2nd device – Press & Hold Both Volume keys together. Again, To Switch from 2nd device to 1st device – Press and hold Both Volume keys together.

Battery OPPO Enco M32

So I think, controls are proper (with some advanced functions like Quick Switch and Magnetic Earbuds) Battery – Toal 28 Hours, But Remember ( @60% Volume) But on average, I think you will get approx. 25 hours easily on 70% volume level

I think the battery is sufficient for daily life activities Even, it supports fast charging as well. In 10 Min charge, you will get 20 hrs battery 0-100% battery can be charged in 35 minutes only.

Talking about connectivity, it comes up with Bluetooth 5.0 Low Latency transmission That indicates that you will get low latency (Less sound delay), so it can be a good option for gaming as well. Wait for a Detailed Review to see the Live Latency test – Stay tuned

Initially, I am getting proper connectivity (If you are in the same room). In calling, it comes with Noise cancellation, so it can be a good option for calling as well. Talking about the initial calling impression – I was getting a clear voice from the other person.

Even my voice was going fine to the other party. Wait for “Live Calling test” in detailed review video – Stay Tuned

Let’s come to Music It comes with SBC & AAC Codec with 10mm Drivers – Loudness is enough even in Outdoor conditions. Fitting is good, you can enjoy the outdoors while listening to your favorite music. In Music, Let’s start with Bass Bass is not extremely high, but up to the mark. (Good as per price).

I love the background beats, they are crystal clear to our ears Even the vocals are clear. Overall, the Bass is decent and the sound separation is proper. No Issues with Mids and Highs. In simple words – If you listen to Rap songs, Jazz with some beats, it’s a good option for you. Talking about the sad songs (Since I love Bollywood Music) I think it provides clear vocals, but they lack Emotions (When it comes to Sad songs).

I think Oppo sound drivers are trying to boost all instrument pitch levels (to provide a better Bass experience). Overall, 80% of the time, you will get a satisfactory music experience at a very low price. I think they can easily beat other neckbands in the same price category (When it comes to Music). My Verdict – I think they are providing proper controls with some advanced functions. Eve, they are comfortable, have a good battery with satisfactory Music Experience.

I think they are worthy for the price Wait for Detailed Review – I will put Live Calling, Gaming, and workout samples with pros. and cons. – Stay Tuned.

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