MIUI 13 Best Features

The new MIUI 13 is being launched on 3 Feb in India. The main thing is been a full and a big launched invent in which. I have been playing with MIUI for so long. Now waiting for the new MIUI 13. As we have to know the new MIUI 13 has already been launched in China and some global markets.

We know so many of the upcoming features and go see them in launching on 3rd February 2022 on launch.

I’m using MIUI 13.0.10 and the stock kernel is nexus version 5 volt. This is way too old there are many new features in MIUI 13

The very first is Dynamic Widgets

New dynamic widgets have been added too, they were there earlier too but now they’re dynamic.

If it is raining then the widget will actually show it raining. Available before too but this time systematic widgets have been completely changed and the widget picker is changed as well.

Reminder widgets are a new addition that can remind you to drink water etc.

Some widgets look kind of similar to ios like this weather clock and security widgets. There are many widgets available and to use. These widgets I have to download them when I placed them on the home screen. This is weird I think most of the widgets will be downloadable via the theme store and widgets from third-party apps don’t appear.

The Wallpaper personalization

wallpapers and personalization is the place where you can customize everything whether it is always on display lock screen icons wallpapers which you can find at the library and from here you can get only super wallpapers and font settings are changed as well now you can change font style the very first

The slider is for size and the second one is for the style you can make it bold or light which is a great thing in my opinion and it gives more power to customize.

Security Settings

Security settings are the most changed thing with this update there are tons of new features for security and privacy.

The very first thing that caught my eyes was shutdown confirmation with this option turned down no one can turn off your device they have to enter the password to turn off the phone and that is a great thing in case of theft thief won’t be able to shut down your device and you can turn off the control center access from the lock screen as well and then you can find your device easily with the help of finding my device offer Xiaomi’s fine device website.

The SIM lock

The sim security is much easier to find and with this, your sim card will be locked with the pin and the sim card will be linked to this device only but you can enter the same print to use this sim card on another device.

SOS feature

You can also find the MIUI warning center which was not available previously and from there you can get updates for earthquakes disaster

Directly on your device and alerts on your v smart home devices too so after setting up a quick one you can see some settings you can change the warning threshold so that you can get notified. If the intensity of the earthquake is higher than the threshold you set.

Also, get notifications for a low-intensity earthquake by enabling receive system notifications you can also add an emergency contact to your medical card and there is an option to find a shelter as well.

Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS is now moved to security previously it was hidden somewhere deep inside cancerous value.

There is this new feature named as a family guard and film gear you can control MIUI 13 devices. From the description looks like that but I don’t know how and what will it do.

MIUI 13 users can get payment security as well but there is no toggle or info about it yet check websites is available too which works with MI browser and it will detect harmful websites and messages links and secure keyboard can randomize numeric keypad but I think it will work with stock keyboard only. MIUI 13 beta tester

Privacy Protection

so under privacy protection, you can find app behavior and from here you can view everything that the app exists and you can disable it directly from here and critical ones will be marked as orange and you can access privacy options too you can grant permission to access clipboard to certain apps to protect.

In the clipboard, you will also get a notification if an app directs any image without permission by enabling receive notification about deleted photos or you can use detect privacy disk so that you can get all info about privacy related things in one place.

Privacy Indicator

We can also get indicators for location mic and camera which was introduced in Android 11.

Under the protection tab, you can find all sorts of production-related features by enabling these two features which are under network interception.

You can easily give or take permission to access the gallery or you can also remove the location info from photos when sharing to someone under do not track there is virtual id and this feature can hide your device unique id and give a fake one so that apps can track the user behavior it is kinda like ios.

Private space is where you can encrypt your photos or videos and even files with screen locks which means your password for lock files will be the same as a lock screen password this feature is built into the system so that it means it will be pretty secure and can be accessed via file manager too.

There is one more feature which you have used in browsers and that is incognito unlike blouses. This option can disable access to the mic camera and location for all apps. Secure input will work with keyboards that are authorized by Xiaomi app lock and hide apps are nothing new but it is available for users who need it.

The battery on MIUI 13

Battery settings have this new slider and you can adjust it to get more battery or more performance.

At the bottom of app settings, we have a new feature yet again and it is the secure mode with secure mode apps will be scanned before you install them and if the app does not pass the test then the installation will be blocked by the way package installer is changed as well and now there are more details of permission and version info as well as file size 2.

Memory Extention

Memory extension is here and it can create virtual ram by using storage space. This feature is nothing new in android and it is quite old MIUI and some other OEMs just give the option to do so from settings.


Sidebar is another new feature and with this, we can access apps easily in a floating window the UI of the sidebar reminds me of a doc from mac air flashcards that are not working for now and I don’t know how will it look it’s supposed to show key information of a floating window.

New System Apps

Another style thing and this time it is gallery app if you play any video from

In the gallery, you will see this new slider on the bottom and it is completely similar to ios as you can see file manager UI has changed again and it is looking very minimal and clean by the way calendar app have this nice bouncing effect which is much more enjoyable than MIUI 12.

Volume panel

Volume panel is looking much like ios and there is a timer slider for silent and do not disturb mode respectively musical the notification has this small icon on the right side and tapping on it expands the music player UI and shows some more options like the ability to change audio output and increase or decrease volume which is pretty close to ios.

Lockscreen and AOD

From here you can do some tweaks to the lock screen and you can enable always-on display but it is not working with this port you can find some other options like lock screen clock format double-tap to wake or sleep charging animation pocket mode and others.

Under-display we can find dark or light mode options on top and you can also see anti-flicker mode which should be for flagship devices with a higher refresh rate there is a color scheme option too where you can tweak display colors.


Now there is something new as well in here and that is the sound assistant. I like it because it lets you manage the volume of apps separately just like the option from resurrection remix android 10.

And with the second option audio of the music won’t be lowered when any notification arrives. Which is a good thing because it is very annoying when the volume gets blue whenever a notification arrives.

Notification and Control Center

Notification and control do also include some new options as well. If you go into notification shade you can see a new option for group notification and this will group the notification which is not important such as spam and others way on the bottom it states that this feature was introduced in MIUI 9.

So they plot it back I guess the notification effect is also new but tapping on it doesn’t work maybe this will change the notification peak style on-screen with different animations contour center still includes the old-style option which is nice to have and with the new control center now we can swipe left or right to access different sides of the panel and that is pretty handy other options are the same as the old version.

Other than that there are some quick settings styles for CPU or GPU boost and tile for performance mode too. If I tap on miui 12 tile I can easily get into Xiaomi parts and it packs a lot of things as you guys know.


Benchmark results are meh as you would expect from miui. Geek bench and CPU to hurtling test sport are way too low than the average score of redmi note 7. Both of the results are with the stock kernel.

Is there a twist in gaming?

Gaming Performance

The gaming was quite good and to be honest. Not expecting this so I recorded gameplay at 1080p and it still managed to handle gaming around 40 to 50 fps and screen recording at 1080p 60fps quite well to be clear.

I didn’t use any sort of magic audios. I just changed kernel to arise extremely version one so in terms of gaming performance is quite good. To be honest, I don’t know what will happen if you land on a hot drop maybe the device will go.


So the bugs that I faced was some text is not translated in English other than that data usage style is not working and using a fingerprint for the lock screen decreases the brightness but these box has been fixed in the latest build.

I am not using the latest build as the builder that I’m using is pretty good and the box that. I mentioned is not that natural so in the end miui 13 has some unique features and some of them are scanned from ios slowly miui is getting dead.

With more optimization MIUI 13 might reach its goal which is to become the china version of apple. If you want to use it on a device then it’s up to you but beware of lags. Are perfect as you would expect from miui overall it is quite a nice improvement since miui google.



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