iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 which one is worth buying??

It finally happened!

Yesterday the iPhone 14 was introduced – a new generation of Apple smartphones! The best smartphone evern according to Apple! But IS IT THE BEST!? Is the iPhone 14 really as good as the guys at Cupertino say?  And most importantly – who should upgrade and who should wait?

First, let’s look at the specs of new products.

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The screens are the same, the sizes are the same, the processors are again… the same! Nearly! 5 GPU cores, instead of 4 in the iPhone 13. Yes, even the camera system has remained unchanged. I don’t know how Apple will motivate people to upgrade their smartphones, but at the moment the iPhone 14 looks like Apple needs to sell the rest of the past gen models. And even this theory does not make sense, since Apple’s range of smartphones is currently as wide as possible. Not only did they ditch the mini version, but they also added (or rather brought back) the PLUS version of the smartphone.

But the iPhone 13 is still available!

And I’ll tell you more, right now on Apple’s website you can order the iPhone 12! The upgrade from iPhone 12 to the 13 models already was questionable.

Now, looking at the specs of new products, the transition from 13 to 14 literally doesn’t make any sense. And yes, there will certainly be small software features exclusive to the iPhone 14 lineup, but it doesn’t change a thing! For those who already have an iPhone 13 in their pocket, the upgrade makes absolutely no sense.

But nowadays too few people update their phones every year. Apple understands that and makes only minor changes that make sense only when stacked up.

The logic is simple. You can safely upgrade if you have an iPhone XS/XR or even X.

iPhone 11 users can think about upgrading, but not necessarily. If you have recently upgraded to an iPhone 12 or have an already “OBSOLETE” 13 on your hands, the iPhone 14 will let you down
in terms of innovations. But in addition to the base 14 models, Apple did introduce the iPhone 14 Plus.

You can ask me – what kind of animal is this?

I have an answer! I think this is the best iPhone in terms of price-quality ratio. Previously, if you wanted to get the largest screen, you were forced to pay extra for the Pro Max model. Now, for less money, you can get those gorgeous 6.7 inches. The display has no “always on” and retains the same old 60-hertz refresh rate. And the most important thing – the battery
has also become larger! Thus we can safely assume that iPhone 14 Plus will be the new battery life-king. The smartphone is also lighter than the Pro Max by as much as 40 grams. \

And of course, new colors!

Apple slightly changed the shade of Sierra Blue from 13 Pro and called it “Blue”. The color palette, as always, looks really nice. Eventually, the colors and sizes are a matter of taste. But it’s much more interesting to look at Pro models!

It’s a BRAND NEW iPhone, as Apple claims once again.

So, features!

The dimensions and weight have not changed much. Okay, 0.8mm taller, 0.2mm thicker, and 2g heavier! The All-new body! But seriously speaking, the display has been updated – now the peak brightness is 2000 nits.

They’ve finally added Always-on, realized in a very quirky way!

It seemed previously that Always-on is nothing more than white letters on the screen.

Apple, as always, reimagined the well-known function. It’s not just a full-black display anymore. Now, it’s a darkened wallpaper with a clock, widgets, and an extremely slow display refresh rate.

It would seem that the low brightness and low refresh rate should save some juice, right?

Personally, it will be interesting for me to look at the difference in battery life with and without “always on”. Has Apple done magic? Let’s check ourselves! And the screen resolution really got higher, because a hole punch has freed some pixels above it.

Yet the image shouldn’t get much better. And of course, the most awaited update is… drumroll please… the Dynamic Island! It seems to me that only Apple could call a simple notch redesign with such a pompous name.

But! This is not just a redesign, it is a complete reimagination of the interaction with the workspace. Now it is a dynamic panel that can have different shapes. Music player, notifications, basketball game scores, lock icon, webcam activation monitoring – all this is really cool. And most importantly – it is now a functional element that does bring some usefulness to the table.

To be fully honest, I have a feeling that when watching content this cutout will be even more distracting. But I suppose it’s just a matter of habit. Like I said before, Apple really reinvented the notch. In fact, this example perfectly demonstrates all the charm of Apple’s engineering. I don’t know about you, but I really like
how the guys from Cupertino bind the software and hardware together. But there is a feeling that this Dynamic Island will be too dynamic and quickly bore the users.

A16 processor

Speaking of truly Pro features, first of all, it is worth noting the updated A16 bionic processor, which is not that much better than the previous A15 bionic!

Yes, now the processor is made using a 4 nanometers process. As we know, the smaller the technical process, the greater the performance and energy efficiency! And the processor is really more powerful
and uses 20 percent less power. But we should keep in mind the potential throttling – after all, the experience with the iPhone 13 was very painful in this regard. And of course, the 14 Pro and Pro Max should deliver longer battery life, but I’m not sure whether this is actually the case.

Given the greater brightness of the display, the Always-on function, more graphics cores, and overall increased functionality. Let’s see it in action! Apple, as always, puts a special emphasis on “Safety” and in the new iPhones and

Apple Watches

the Crash Detection function appeared. It analyzes your movements and in the case of accidents or emergencies automatically sends a message to 911 or your emergency contacts. Moreover, such requests can now be made via satellite communications.

Apple has paid attention to making this function possible without bulky antennas. As a result, new iPhones have a special app that shows in which direction the satellite is.

All you need to do is hold your phone in the right direction so the message could go through! I don’t know any other company that cares so much about its consumers! This is a valuable addition that you, hopefully, will never use.

And finally, the camera.

Apple directly claims that iPhones are often used by filmmakers, so the special emphasis in the Pro model is made on cameras. This update has brought a larger 48-megapixel main sensor instead of 12! 12MP Ultra Wide and 12MP Telephoto got wider apertures and improved low light. Also, sensor-shift optical image stabilization got updated. And speaking of video stabilization a dedicated action mode was added. Night photography has also been remade. The new processing technology is called Photonic Engine. and it should deliver up to 2 times better low-light shots than the iPhone 13 pro.

According to Apple, of course. Again, I really want to believe it! Also, the guys from Cupertino didn’t forget about the Cinematic mode which now supports 4k HDR at 30 and 24 fps!

The front-facing camera has received autofocus,

Photonic Engine, and wider aperture – f1.9  versus 2.2 in the previous generation. This should really give much better, sharper selfies.

This year, it turned out that the regular

iPhone 14 does not differ much from the 13 except for the colors … and the A15 bionic processor taken from the 13 pros. I personally would not consider it worth the upgrade. However, the 14 Plus model is definitely interesting. If you want to feel all innovations – the 14 Pro and Pro Max are the ones to buy! The dynamic island looks fresh, modern, and really eye-catching. Yet again, we have to test it all out Some features like 4k cinematic mode, Dolby Vision, and ProRaw still make no practical sense while the transfer is only wireless. Just give us fast type-c already! In the meantime, we are waiting for the pre-order on all iPhone 14 models.


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