OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G Cheapest OnePlus Smartphone

So OnePlus company launched its 2 products is going to be the first product OnePlus smartphone under 20000.

That is OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G Phone. The other product is OnePlus Nord Buds So both these products are OnePlus company on 28th April. We can see in India as well as Globaly launch on same time. It will be launching on 28th April.

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OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G

So if you guys are making a plan to buy any product from these two products. But first you know about it too What special specifications can you see inside it? What will be its price and along with that what features can be seen in this So let’s talk about all these things in detail. So let’s talk about this phone first.

Which is ONEPLUS Nord CE 2 Lite 5G Phone So if we talk about display size in this phone So inside it. 6.58 inch FHD+ display can be seen with 120 Hz refresh rate display inside the phone So if we look at the display wise the phone Display wise the phone gets to see quite a lot, which means a very powerful display can be seen. Because you get to see 120 Hz refresh rate inside the display

Which increases the smoothness of the display and that of the phone too. At the same time, it is also a plus point for gaming. After that talk about speed and multitasking inside the phone. So the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 can be seen inside the phone. Which is based on 6 nm technology Simultaneously, the phone can get 6-8GB of RAM. Which can be seen with 128 and 256 GB storage

So that means the under-processor of the phone can also be seen quite a lot. After that talk to the GPU inside the phone So the 619 GPU of the adreno can be seen inside the phone. Which means clearly you can play gaming on this phone too. Means can not do hard core gaming of that level But yes if we talk about normal setting and FPS But if you want to do normal gaming then you can do it on it, there will be no problem.

Camera of Nord CE 2 Lite

Talk about if for videography and photography under the phone You will get to see 3 camera setup on the rear of the phone. Which is the primary camera it can be seen 64MP Micro. Depth sensor camera can be seen of 2 – 2 MP Ultra wide camera is rarely found under the phone So it is clear that ultra wide camera will not be available in the phone. Only one main camera will be seen With the same micro and depth sensor camera can be seen.

If you talk about the front camera of the phone then So a 16MP camera can be seen in the front of the phone. Which means from both the front and rear camera of the phone Can do both videography and photography Not the professional level that you would expect from a flagship phone According to which the price of this phone is Accordingly, you can do good level of videography and photography in this phone.


Talk about connectivity inside the phone So phone bluetooth gps wifi And the port of USB Type C is available for charging. 2.1 You get to see the charging port of which means not that fast but yes you Gets a normal charging speed

It also supports fast charging. It is not that it does not support fast charging. But yes, that type of boost won’t get you what you want Because now a days it is USB Type C 3.1 version is going on So inside it you will get to see a Generation rear Simultaneously talk about the security inside the phone So you will get to see the fingerprint sensor inside the phone. You will not get to see these displays, you will get to see the mount on the side of the phone.

Now let’s talk about the battery and charger inside the phone So the support of 5000 mAh battery and 33W fast charger will be available inside the phone.

Whether the charger will be available in the box of this phone or not. Can’t tell anything final in this thing right now. We may not even get a charger with this phone. Or may be seen nothing is final yet. If you guys want to know then just a little Wait for the day on April 28. It will be launched after that everything will be known.

Will I be able to see the charge in the key box?

Now after that talk about the price of the phone. So the price of this phone which is being told, nothing final has come out yet. But if we say leaks So the price of this phone can be seen 20,000 rupees. So you get to see a 5G phone under 20,000 rupees. That too with a good processor So what’s the problem, you can also do gaming inside the phone.

The camera also gets good Battery is good too It would be a good thing if you just get the charger in its box. but If you guys are planning to buy this phone So before that I would like to tell you only one thing Please check the review of this phone once And if it is possible there is a store near you where this phone is available So go there try this phone Buy it only if it suits you Otherwise you can skip it You will get to see many more options in the market

Now let’s talk about its other product, which is the OnePlus Nord Buds.

The information about this Buds has not been revealed. If we talk about connectivity inside it. So inside it we can get to see Bluetooth version 5.2. It is being told that inside it we can get to see many more special features.

But no more information has come out yet All its details will come out on 28th April. Then you can know, wait a little and do it, April 28 is about to come. After that if your plan is made to buy it Then you can buy it otherwise it doesn’t matter.


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